Discounts of Partners

Our partners offer the following discounts for our guests:

  1. Pizza Pazza
    Pizza, pasta, grilled meat and salads
    at the charge free beach in Bácskai street, Zamárdi
    20% off on all you eat and drink on one occasion
  2. Galerius Bath
    Siófok-Szabadifürdő, Szent László u. 183.
    15% off on the whole day ticket as well as on the 3-hour ticket
  3. Édes Velence Ice Cream Parlour
    At the Zamárdi train station
    Our guests get the same discount as the residents are entitled to: HUF 150 / scoop
  4. Go-kart Rental
    The beach at Bácskai street
    A one-hour ride for the price of a half-an-hour ride
  5. Balázs Grill Garden
    18 Keszeg Street, Zamárdi
    10% off on all you eat and drink
  6. Tölgyfa Restaurant
    On the corner of Zöldfa and Nagyváradi streets
    10% off on the food you eat à la carte
    Typical Hungarian dishes
    Tel.: +36 20 928 2241

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