… is one of the most beautiful and family friendly holiday resorts on the southern shore of Lake Balaton. It’s easy to get there via highway (M7), road, rail or ferry. Its greatest attraction is the several-kilometre-long, well-kept, grassy and charge free beach with public toilets and playgrounds as well as free parking facilities ideal for families with children. But there is much more to Zamárdi than all these! There is a wide choice of good restaurants and great programmes. The safety and convenience of beach visitors are ensured by free medical and life-saving service. The harbour is suitable for accepting boats and small ships. Both in water and on the shore people of all ages find sport facilities all year round: surfing, rowing in a boat, water bicycle, fishing, bathing, sunbathing, ice-skating, chair skating, adventure park, air ball, paintball, horse riding, biking, tennis, archery, go-kart, beach volleyball, jumping, etc.. On the woody slopes of Zamárdi marked hiking trails help the trekkers on foot, bikes or horses to get around. In July and August there are free guided tours organized by the local Tourist Office called Tourinform showing those interested around Zamárdi (the holiday centre chapel, the new town centre, the Statue of Hungarian Pain, the catholic church, the ethnographic collection (guided tours only!), the cultural heritage museum, the so-called ‘Donkey Stone’ and the lookout tower). The lookout tower in ‘Kőhegy’ offers a magnificent view of the Tihany peninsula and the glittering water surface from Kenese to Badacsony and the hills of Somogy county in the south in clear weather. The vineyards located on the slopes around the town offer great wines.

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